Why Illegal Price Fixing Can Be Dangerous

Trucker drivers have suffered for more than ten years before a whistleblower came to their rescue. A trucker body that represents thousands of truckers, is seeking to be compensated by a cartel of five big truck companies for price fixing. According to the chief executive, the owners of the trucks who were affected by the cartel say have paid too much for the last fourteen years. They are furious after finding out that it was the plan of a few firms who collaborated to benefit themselves.Lorry drivers from Britain claim that vehicle makers from the Europe colluded in fixing prices for fourteen good years. These companies included Daimler, MAN, Renault, DAF, and Iveco. One more firm, Scania, is still under investigation. The claim which results from a fine that the European Commission placed for collusion over truck pricing is about 39 billion pounds. Although the Road Haulage Association, RHA wants to take legal actions against the five trucks. MAN should be excluded because it was only a whistleblower. The compensation amount for each vehicle is approximately 6000 pounds. More so, it will take the signatures of thousands of RHA members before the claim can be taken into consideration. The advantage is that there is no cost associated with the whole process. Also, the claimants will suffer no risk in case their claims fail. One of the accused truck makers, Daimler, purposes to conduct any damage claimed by the RHA so as to find the basis for defending itself in case the allegations are not true. Four other firms, however, failed to comment on this report.

Justification of the claim             

There are enough reasons the British trucker body seeks compensation from the cartel of the five big truck firms. Fourteen years is quite a long period which implies that the companies have indeed incurred significant costs. Following the investigation report that found five companies guilty of colluding in fixing high truck prices, it is just the legal rights of the vehicle owners that were affected to seek not only the compensation of the cost that they incurred but also the penalty to all the accusers. Since the prices were illegally and maliciously fixed, there is no excuse for the five firms to face the law. Although one of the firms, MAN, blew the whistle on the conspiracy, it cannot be excluded from the charges since it was still part of the team that fixed the prices. Although Daimler seeks to investigate whether its action caused damages to the truck owners or not, it means it will be safe from the allegation as long as it took part in institutionalizing high fake prices. Daimler could only be looking for a reason to justify its action.

Significance of the article

The above articles shade light to every person involved in the business to take charge of their actions. It is important to consider what would be the legal consequences of all our undertakings before we engage in anything. In this case, the five truck makers failed to recognize that no action can remain hidden under the sun. It has taken long before this conspiracy could be investigated, but finally, they are going to face the law. Also, it also presents to us the importance of a whistleblower in an organization. If MAN, one of the truck makers, did not raise the alarm concerning the fake fixed price, the truck owners would continue to suffer the damages. However, a whistleblower needs to ensure that he or she is blameless of the alleged act. The fact that MAN revealed their dirty secret for colluding together in price fixing does not in any way justify it. This firm is also liable and should compensate the truck owners. Are all these allegations true? It is important to carry out an adequate investigation to prove that indeed the cartel is responsible for the illegal price fixing. The cartel of the five big firms could also take criminal actions against the truck owners for false allegation if it is found that MAN had presented wrong information. It is also a crime to accuse someone unjustly.

Relief from more Fines

The investigation reports indicate that more than five companies conspired to fix prices for the Lorries for the past fourteen years. The investigation commenced after one of the companies involved in the scandal dropped a hint of their actions. So far, only five truck makers were found guilty. One more firm, Scania, is still under investigation. The truck owners seek the law to have the cartel compensate them and also pay fine for wasting them for all these years. MAN Company is not off the hook even after blowing the whistle. However, it can be considered that the company pays only the compensation amount and exempted from other fines.

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