The different practise areas of a law firm

Whenever we think or discuss about a person with criminal allegation, we tend to form a negative opinion on that person even before the person is proved to be guilty. Think about a person who is actually innocent and is badly in need of help as he was intentionally dragged into a criminal case. All he needs to do is to ask his family or friends to visit sites like and consult a suitable criminal defence lawyer who can take up his case. Any law firm will have a team of lawyers specialised in different practise areas. The practise areas are:

  1. Appeals: When a person is proved guilty of the charges, the only hope is nothing but appeals. The criminal defence lawyer conducting an appeal for you should have good knowledge of words and should use the same in speaking and writing skills. Apart from this basic skill, he should have sound knowledge of the laws that are applied in appeals. The appeal must convince the judge that there was an error in the trail and hence the judgement was not in the favour of the accused. It is generally done by experienced lawyers.
  1. Assault happens when a person tries to threaten or harm another person. A criminal law firm has a good team of Assault lawyers. An assault lawyer should have a good understanding of the complicated details of the assault laws and should be able to apply the possible shields for assault charges. Apart from the general Assault practice area, there are two specific assault practice areas they are sexual assault and domestic assault.
  1. Bail is the acceptance of an amount of money from an accused to be outside the custody till the trial by the court. Getting a bail plays a vital role in the judgement as it helps the accused to be in touch with his lawyer and work closely.

The different practise areas of a law firm

  1. White collar crime is the crime which involves identity theft, fraud, tax evasions forgery and many more. It is a practise area which has its own niche market. The lawyers practising in this area should be experienced enough to give legal advice and represent the person who is has white collar crime allegations. They should have domain specific knowledge which itself is very vast.
  1. Homicide cases include murder or an attempt to murder or being a part of conspiracy knowingly or unknowingly, or being the reason for the death of a person due to poor driving and such situations. It is a critical field found in every professional criminal law firm.
  1. Drinking and driving is the area of practice in which the lawyers represent the persons who have allegation of driving after consuming alcohol. This is a very vital area of practice as it may have judgement like restriction on future driving, losing the job, insurance becoming invalid and many more.
  1. Drug offence is an area of practice in criminal law where a person is involved in producing drugs illegally or selling the same illegally. They include a lot of sub categories; each and every situation related to this type of offence is different. Hence a lawyer who has expertise in this area only would be able to apply the possible shields and help.

As we see that there many areas of practise in a law firm, it is beneficial to be aware of these special areas as it may help us or loved ones.

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