Polymer Coatings

Polymer coatings are the coatings or paints mixed with polymers that are used to protect a surface from corrosion or for adherence. The process of polymeric coating requires some polymeric material or supporting substrate that can hold the polymer. There are many polymeric coatings; natural and synthetic rubber, urethane, polyvinyl chloride, acrylic, epoxy, silicone, phenolic resins and nitrocellulose. Polymeric coatings are applied to metal surfaces, ceramics or any synthetic materials. Polymers are substances containing a large number of structural units joined by chain linkages. Polymers are made of repeating units which is why they are very strong adhesive.

Applications of Polymer Coatings:

The applications of polymer coatings are:

  • The polymer coatings that made from some type of polymeric materials are used to be applied on various substrates with the help of several techniques out of which the most used are the extrusion and dispersion coating or the application of solution.
  • The corrosion protective polymer coatings are the toughest form of polymer coatings and are used for heavier jobs such as the outer surface coating of any metal surface because the outer surface is always exposed to the environment, the polymeric coating needs to be tough to hold out against the environmental damage.
  • The polymeric coatings have proved to be very useful for a lot of people and they are at a very high demand all over the world. They have also started to replace chrome and cadmium coatings which were considered to be the best coatings for a lot of time. They best thing about the polymer coatings are that they are environment friendly and the chromium and cadmium coatings were not which caused a conflict between people so it I safer and easier to use the polymer coatings because they are more sustainable and beneficial.
  • The polymers are hydrophobic which means that they are highly water resistant which the best feature is because water causes a lot of damage to the metal surface and polymer coatings prevent that.

Types of Polymer Coatings:

Some types of polymeric coatings are

  • Acrylic and Alkyds (mostly used for farm equipment and such to avoid corrosion to the expensive machinery)
  • Polyurethane ( used on conveyer equipment and airplanes as a lubricant and water resistor etc)
  • Nylon 11 ( this is the most famous polymer used all over the world because of its excellent qualities)

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