Growth in the Business and Increasing Demand for Office Space

Some of the best investment opportunities are in real estate and property development. New business people look for offices and this increases the demand for office space. Bangalore is a rapidly growing metropolitan area with new demand for office increasing daily.

High price for offices

This is the reason why if you want a furnished office space for rent in Bangalore you must pay enormous prices. Now, why should one opt for a shared office? The answer is obvious – it is the high price one must pay for the regular offices. Other than that, there are some other reasons too.

  • Shortage of office space
  • Good location at cheap prices
  • Excellent connectivity to the business community
  • Enormous flexibility

Shortage of space

As already stated, all the business locations have been taken up by existing businesses. The office space is all gone and one will only get the space on the edge of the city away from the central location. This is not good for business. So, business people came up with the shared office where many business ventures can share the same building for their individual offices.

Central location for the office

This means that instead of one business enterprise occupying one prime business location, many businesses share the same location. This gives them equal advantage as far as business opportunity goes. They can pick and choose and make the maximum profit for their business due to the excellent location.

Good services and connectivity

The shared office provides all the amenities present in a modern office. This includes broadband connectivity, 24-hour water and electricity, stationery material, computer workstations, secretarial services, telephone, and more things. Since you are sharing the office space, the overhead costs are minimal. The rent and establishment charges work out to one-fifth or one-sixth of the regular office.

Those business offices that need catering services can arrange for the same with a local catering service or restaurant. Some of the shared offices have their own inbuilt catering service. You can walk into the canteen and pick what you need at any time of the day.

Attractive front and functionality

You can have virtual offices, managed offices, shared offices, and more. You can hire one or two rooms for use during a presentation. This again reduces the expenses since you do not have to invest in a regular auditorium or conference hall for conducting your meeting.

More than one business venture use these conference halls. The expense is split up by the number of business concerns present in the building. Secretarial services too are divided by the number of participants. All these bring the costs down. You get more service for a lesser price.

In some shared office space, you have the freedom to change the interiors to suit your business. This means you can move the dividing plastic separators, opt for a four-seater cabin instead of a two-seater, or have new tables and chairs brought into the office.

Seeking the central location for your office is vital. A good location helps any business to grow rapidly. Find the best location for your office and make more profit.

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