Owning a business can be exhausting when it involves hiring additional staff to assist in the operations. These are the people who you entrust with your business and customers. You expect them to bring their A-game and give you the best results. The latter is however not always possible. Sometimes staff members can do certain things that can quickly lead to the destruction of your business. The most vital factor that easily is damaged is customer service. Maintaining your customers and attracting new ones is the ultimate win for your business. More customers translate to more sales which result in increased profits. However, in a case where multiple cases of poor customer services can damage your business and reduce you to less or no benefit hence it’s important to know how to deal with customer complaints .

Listen to your customers.

The customers are the most crucial element in business. The success of your business heavily relies on them. It is essential to listen to your customers and understand their complaints.Maintain a relaxed attitude, remember a complaining customer is angry at the moment of criticism. Taking the recent case of a disables customer who went to inquire about a bike from the San Jose BMW. The customer was not even introduced to the services of the shop. He was ignored for the better part of his tour in the facility until he got tired and left miserable with his unsatisfied need

Look up your staff

In the hiring process, you might end up with annoying characters. It is essential to conduct a background check on employees before hiring them. You don’t have to spend extra cost hiring private detectives. You can quickly call the references personnel on the applicant’s resume. This will help you ensure that you retain competent staff and avoid unnecessary disapprovals from customers.

Training your staff.

Training is a very important in a business establishment. It allows you to impart specific knowledge to your staff about your business. Ensure your employees are aware of other aspects such as workplace ethics. This assures you that your team is knowledgeable of their work responsibilities and their relation to customers. Untrained staff often makes mistakes as they are possibly not fully aware of their duties and the manner in which they should treat the customers (

Make necessary cuts

At some point, you will notice that some employees are disrespectful, stubborn, rude and impolite not only to the customers but also their colleagues. These are the employees who customers always complain. Once you receive a complaint about a specific employee, it is essential first to investigate the genuineness of the report.If you find that indeed the claim is correct, the first thing to do is to call the employee to the office and administer a warning.Ensure the employee understands his or her mistake and finally deliver a signal.

Make the employee understand the consequences of another customer complaint against them. If another complaint is filed against the same employee, then it’s vital to ensure that the employee is released from his or her job position. Make sure that the employee is fully aware and presented with a letter that states the circumstances that led to the employee getting fired. This message can be accompanied by proof of the allegations against the employee.Having an excellent staff pays off eventually it’s essential to ensure that they handle the customers correctly and respectfully. There is no need for tolerating team that does not uphold your business values and seeks to destroy your business.

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